We are an hedge fund with an expertise in quantitative strategies, specializing in absolute return strategies while minimizing market exposure for C-FI and DEFI. Before deploying any live strategies, we rigorously conduct backtesting to validate the research and development, ensuring it delivers substantial returns compared the track record performance. Our team consists of skilled and accomplished quantitative developers, researchers,IT professionals, and professional mentors.

Investing offer an efficient means to deploy your funds and potentially accumulate wealth. Intelligent investment strategies can enable your capital to surpass inflation and appreciate. The increased potential for growth in investing results from the compounding effect and the balance between risk and return.

We have the capacity to deliver advanced technology for efficient execution between markets and brokerage firms, alongside a diverse range of strategies available to all our students and potential partners. our firm is actively searching for passionate individuals in the data science arena. Candidates should have an interest in statistics, machine learning, and mathematics. We study the backgrounds of all students before delivering any courses, to ensure that all participants have the necessary level of understanding. We are currently in the process of researching potential new investors.

As a fintech company, we prioritize our humanity and actively promote peace. Our collective mission is to make a positive contribution to the world at our own level. We are committed to fighting injustice and inequality, with a focus on peace and cooperation. Additionally, we allocate a portion of our annual earnings to support humanitarian causes.

LEADING By : Joshua.Levy (CEO and investor), Ken.K (Quant engineer), Sam.C (Data analyst), V.S (Data Scientist), Yoan.P (Risk manager), Nic.K (Fullstack developer), JC.K (Data engineer), Benenson (Systematic Equity Specialist), S.A (AI Engineer), G.B (Front end developer).

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